is it possible to integrate tally with firebase

Discussion in 'Tally Integration' started by abhinand vk, Jul 10, 2021.


is it possible to integrate tally with firebase

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  1. abhinand vk

    abhinand vk Active Member

    if it is possible please explain how to do

  2. Sai Vineeth

    Sai Vineeth Active Member

    We can integrate Tally with any Software using tally XML API
    We need to post xml request to tally in specified format to get data
    Ex: To get Ledger from Tally we need to use this XML
    you can view similar xmls here

    We can use any programming language but process is same
    • Post data to tally with required payload XML
    • Process the response received
    • Post it to Firebase using Firebase API
    we can also use TDL but I am not aware of that
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  3. Need to host REST function in firebase project. I think from Sept 21 its available for asia zone (earlier avbl to Europe only).

    And through endpoints its possible.

    I have developed a tdddb a flat database for tally to overcome such problems.
    If still you have requirement pls drop a note.

    If required I will show you a CRUD application for firestore. (Firestore is database and firebase is project ie it includes functions, databases, hosting, storage etc.)
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