I Forget my Tally Admin Password please provide TDL Code

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Vijay Malik, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Vijay Malik

    Vijay Malik New Member

    Dear Concern,

    I have forget my Company Admin Password, Please provide any solution for the same

  2. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    Send company.500 or company.900 file.
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  3. harbansh

    harbansh Active Member

  4. Anirudhhsinh Zala

    Anirudhhsinh Zala New Member

    How to fix it without send any file
    I mean how to fix it by myself??

  5. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    Buy the Software for recovery.

  6. Saravanakumar

    Saravanakumar New Member

    Can you share the same this mail id 24saravanakumar@gmail.com

  7. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    Which version of Tally will this TDL support ?

  8. Rajiv Prabhakar

    Rajiv Prabhakar New Member

  9. padmanabha rao

    padmanabha rao New Member

    Sir I need Tally Password Breaking TDL urgent. I am ready to pay the amount you want But Password Breaking TDL should work for Tally 6.0 on wards.


    PRANAVAM New Member

    sir, i have a tdl prgm for showing admin and other users and passwords. but the problm is dis tdl is not working in tally ver 6 onwards.( only black screen window). pls help me.

  11. mahgs

    mahgs Member

    i want recovery software ,please send the details on tdldeveloper@hotmail.com

  12. sbalasunder

    sbalasunder New Member

    In Tally Rel 6.0 onwards, Password is stored in encrypted format. So it can't be recover unless you know encryption algorithm....... using any TDL for password recovery will show you encrypted hash of password only not clear text of password. All TDL for password recovery will work in older version of Tally.

    if you have any password working in Rel 6.0 data, export Master and Day book and import in new company.... this is the only solution available now.
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  13. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    If not, send it to mpal2311@gmail.com.

  14. dipu369

    dipu369 New Member

    i have password recovery program but it is not working in current release 6.02 . Previously it was perfect .
    pasted below : Please correct as per current tally version .

    [#Menu: Gatewayoftally]


    Height:40% page
    Width:30% page

    Repeat:User_Details:CmpUser List

    Space Bottom:2

    Use:Name Field
    Set as: "USER NAME "

    Use:Name Field
    Set as:"PASSWORD "


    ;;Use:Name Field
    ;;Set as:$$cmpusername

    ;;Use:Name Field
    ;;Set as:$OwnerPassword:Company:##SVCurrentCompany


    Use:Name Field
    Set as:$Name

    Use:Name Field
    Set as:$password

    [#Collection:Cmp User list]
    Is ODBC Table:Yes


  15. G Vijay

    G Vijay Member

    Any updates on this...


  16. Murali.R

    Murali.R Member

  17. MSK_Coder

    MSK_Coder New Member

  18. mharit1

    mharit1 New Member

    Create new company with same name and copy the file company.900 pasty it old company data than do zero rewrite

  19. Rohit Khedar

    Rohit Khedar Member

    Any expert updates on this TDL for forgot tally password


  20. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    It was perfect till version 3.6.
    After that Tally Changed Encryption Methods.

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