How to recover deleted text messages on your Android phone

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    If you've deleted your SMS inbox you have to act quick, because the messages are only until the portion of memory on which they are saved is rewritten. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that deleted text messages, app updates or who-knows-what will be obliterated forever. Here's how to recover deleted text messages on Android.

    Tools to recover deleted text messages
    There are a couple of different PC and Mac-based tools to help you through this part of the process which we've detailed below.

    The particular tool you choose will depend on your personal preference, but they basically do the same thing: scan your Android's memory, then identify and recover your ''deleted'' messages. They'll all walk you through the process, which is usually only four steps long: connect, scan, preview, recover. The process works for other data besides text messages as well. Some programs worth trying out include:

    Wondershare has a free trial that lets you recover deleted text messages. / © ANDROIDPIT
    How to recover lost text messages on Android
    Depending on which program you choose, the steps may be different, but the process is very similar (I'll use Wondershare for illustration purposes):

    • Download and install one of the programs above. Launch the program on your computer.
    • Enable USB Debugging on your Android phone. To do this, you need to have access to the Developer Options in your main Settings menu. If it's not there, just go to About Phone, scroll down to Build Number and tap it repeatedly until it tells you that you have developer access.
    • You'll now get access to Developer Options in the main Settings menu (just above About Phone). Go into Developer Options, scroll down to USB Debugging (or Android Debugging, depending on your ROM) and check the box.
    First you need to enable USB Debugging on your Android smartphone. / © ANDROIDPIT
    Connect your phone to your PC with USB Debugging enabled. / © Wondershare
    • Follow the prompts in the recovery program to scan or analyze your Android's memory.
    • Once the process is complete you can browse and preview the deleted and undeleted data on your Android device. As long as the particular part of memory on which it was originally stored has not been saved over, you can still retrieve the data. This is why it's important to act quickly if you've lost data.
    You can filter the data you want to recover: in this case, text messages. / © ANDROIDPIT
    • Next, open the 'Messages' folder in the left-hand pane, select the messages you wish to recover, then click 'Recover' at the bottom right to put them back on your device or save them to your computer for safe keeping.
    Click 'SMS' or 'Messages' in the left-hand pane to view both deleted and non-deleted messages on your device. / © ANDROIDPIT
    Note: if you want to complete this process without a PC, chances are you will need root access on your device and more than likely a paid recovery app. In any case, it's easier and free to use a computer.

    How to never lose a text message again
    Maybe you've learned your lesson, maybe you haven't. If you're not into paying for any of the programs above or simply don't like the free options, your best bet is to ensure you don't have to use them again. This means backing up your messages from now on. The good news is, it only takes five minutes.

    I use a free app called SMS Backup & Restore. It's straightforward, looks nice and works perfectly: basically all you need for this type of operation. Check out the screenshots below for the walkthrough.

    SMS Backup & Restore[​IMG]
    • Once you've downloaded and installed SMS Backup & Restore, open the app then tap 'Backup'
    • Next, choose what exactly you want to create a backup of, then - crucially - tap 'Local Backup and Upload' if you want to send your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or an email address. When you're ready, tap OK.
    SMS Backup & Restore is clean and simple to use. / © ANDROIDPIT
    Hit Backup, select what you want to save and where, then tap OK - simple. Restoring your backup is explained clearly too. / © ANDROIDPIT
    • To restore your backed-up SMS messages, tap Restore on the app's home screen, then on the Restore Backup page you can just tap the backup name in the list to restore it if it's stored locally.
    • If your backup's stored in the cloud, tap the menu icon (three dots) at the top right, then 'Load from' and select whichever cloud service it's stored on.
    You can back your messages up to cloud storage, then restore them easily. / © ANDROIDPIT
    • There are plenty of extra options in SMS Backup & Restore, such as scheduled backups and password protection. You can find these by tapping the menu icon at the top right of the app's home screen, then 'Preferences'.

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    The best way to recover deleted text messages from Android phone is to use Android Data Recovery software. It can scan your Android phone and SD card to find the deleted messages for you. You can preview them and then recover them from Android phone to computer. Learn more about how to recover deleted text messages on Android phone here. This software can also recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, call logs and other document files from Android phone.

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    I agree with your opinion,
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    Be frank with you , your tool is not work for me ,i prefer to use the Mobiledic Android text messages recovery software.
    it has succeed help me find and retrieve deleted text messages on Android phones
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    If we delete an item on our Android devices, it does not mean that the system will delete it entirely from the device. The system will just make it inactive and that’s why it couldn’t be seen on the screen anymore. That is also the reason why we could still recover it. Though it will be entirely deleted finally, not immediately. So if you deleted the important SMS, I advise not using your device temporarily before the data being overwritten.
    and you can click here to learn more details about how to recover deleted text messages on Android.

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    Text messages are important for several people, though its true that nowadays text messages don't have its importance as before. But still some texts are valuable and when they are lost or deleted then its becomes a hectic situation to recover them. However, I have faced the same situation once and after that, I recently checked my backup if they are available but unfortunately, I don't.
    Later on, I found one useful guide that helped me to retrieve my text messages from Android phone using Android Data Recovery and I am really helpful for it. I would like to share the link with you all so that in future if you face such types of issue then follow it properly.
    Check out:How to recover lost sms from Android phone
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    Of course, if we have backup of text messages, we can turn to backup files to restore deleted text messages. If we no have backup, we should the help of Eelphone Android Data Recovery, which can scan Android phone deeply, all inner data can be detected out, select the text messages you want to restore. Easy and quick, just in steps we can recover deleted text messages from Android.

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    Thus, the solution to recover deleted text messages on your Android phone is right here:-

    1) With the help of your Android backup app, you can easily restore deleted text messages from Android phone with the restore option.

    2) Either, you can recover your deleted messages with the help of cloud storage option.

    3) Or, another step is the most common and very useful method is Google Drive option also.

    4) Else, if all the above methods fail to get back your deleted messages from Android phone then you can use a professional recovery tool like Android SMS Recovery. With the help of this tool, you can restore all important files also such as contacts, videos, audio, WhatsApp chats, documents and many more.

    In future, if you come across any kind of data loss situation on your Android phone then using this software will help you to recover lost text messages and other data as well with ease.

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