How to call python script converted to exe from tally prime?

Discussion in 'Tally Integration' started by CareFreeCoder, Apr 23, 2023.


Should I post a demo video once I finish the development?

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  1. CareFreeCoder

    CareFreeCoder New Member

    I had a small question:
    I have a sendwhatsapp.exe file which I have created on python and converted.
    I am able to run it from cmd and it contains commandline arguments . Two of them for now.

    What should I write in the function code that executes the app from tally tdl.

    Will this work?
    10:Exec Command:"D:\appname.exe"+##Contacts+##Exportedfilepath

  2. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    I think it should work

    10:Exec Command Ex:"D:\appname.exe":##Contacts+" "+##Exportedfilepath

  3. CareFreeCoder

    CareFreeCoder New Member

    Thank You Sir!

  4. Naitik Fulfagar

    Naitik Fulfagar New Member

    what do to close that cmd window

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