How To Add Field In Ledger Table

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  1. Any One Help Me

    How To Add Field In Gateway Of Tally->Display->Accounts Books->Ledger

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  2. Rohit001

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    You can add a format in Ledger Collection..
    Add:format:$LedstateName, 10

  3. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    find the Collection name and add your fields and it will show.

  4. I try it But Working Sir

    [#Collection: List of Ledgers]

    Add:Format:$LedstateName, 10

  5. Finaly Done it Sir;;;;;;

    but One More Query Sir How To Add Table Title

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  6. Rohit001

    Rohit001 Member

    Use subtitle attribute..
    Ex-subtitle:"name", "state"

  7. Thank u for support
    finally done sir.....

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  8. Rohit001

    Rohit001 Member

    Most welcome Sir


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  11. Amit1256

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    share full code please

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