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    Here i dont want a seperate column of shipped qty & billed qty please anybody help! here is my code!

    [#Report: Stock Jrnl Print]
    Delete:Form: StockJrnlPrint
    Add:Form: JWMTOComprehensive Invoice
    [#Report: SJNPrintConfigure]
    Delete:Form: SJNPrintConfigure
    Add:Form : MTOut Print Config


    [#Form: GTRN StkJrnl]
    Fields : Simple Prompt, NME
    Local : Field : Simple Prompt: Set as : $$LocaleString:"Party A/c name:"

    [Field: NME]

    Use : Vch LedgerFetch
    Use : Ledger Name Field
    Storage : Party Ledger Name
    Table : Party Cash Ledgers Extract
    Table : Invoice Ledgers Extract
    Set as : If (@@IsPOSInvoice AND $$IsSysName:$$Value) Then "" Else $$CollectionField:$LedgerName:1:LedgerEntries
    Show Table : Default
    Sub Form : EI Supplementary : ##ICFGSupplementary AND NOT @@IsExciseSupplementaryInv
    Sub Form : EI Excise Supplementary : @@IsExciseSupplementaryInv

    On : Focus : Yes : SET : EISTPartyLedger : $$Value ;;$PartyLedgerName

    ;; Warning given when the DUE DATE with respect to Pending Bills of the Party has been exceeded in Sales, Delivery Note and Sales Order vouchers.
    ;; First two conditions (($$IsSysName:##NotifyPartyName OR (##NotifyPartyName!=$$Value)) AND $$SetNotifyParty) are written to avoid notify msg box being shown for same party again when supplementary subform is accepted
    Notify : PartyCreditDateLimit : ($$IsSysName:##NotifyPartyName OR (##NotifyPartyName!=$$Value)) AND $$SetNotifyParty AND (($IsCreditDaysChkOn:Ledger:$$Value AND $IsBillwiseOn:Company:##SVCurrentCompany AND (If $$IsEqual:($Parent:Ledger:$$Value):$$GroupBranches +
    Then $$IsAllBillWiseOn Else Yes) AND (@@IsSales OR @@IsDelNote OR @@IsSalesOrder) +
    AND ((NOT $IsOptional) AND @@DueBillsOfParty > 0)))

    Validate : If (@@IsSales OR @@IsPurchase) AND ($PartyLedgerName!=##EISTPartyLedger) AND (NOT $IsSTXParty:Ledger:$PartyLedgerName) AND (NOT @@IsCashBankLedger) Then $$ExclEvaluate:($$ClearSTTaxObject) Else Yes

    Option : EI OrderConsignee: @@IsOrderVch

    ;; Security Control for Alter Ledger & Bank details for Exported/Uploaded Transactions
    Option : VchBankAlloc Security : @@IsEBankingExportUploadVchAccess

    ;; To set the nature of purchase when party is changed.
    On: Accept : @@PartyAlteredExcise : Call : SetExciseNatureofPurc:$PartyLedgerName
    ;; If party is changed then all the details in supplementary subform would be altered
    On : Accept : @@PartyAltered : Call : AlterPartySuplDetails:$PartyLedgerName:mad:NumAddrLinesParty:mad:NumAddrLinesCompany:mad:NumSuplAddrLinesCons:mad:NumSuplAddrLinesBuySupp
    On : Accept : $$InAlterMode : Call : RetainExistsAddressDetails
    On : Accept : @@VCHIsGSTOnAndAppl: Set : vUnregDealerSuppNote : ($IsCommonGSTPartyLed OR @@GSTBuyerDealerTypeSupllNote)
    On : Accept : Yes : Field Accept

    NumAddrLinesParty : ($$NumFilledItems:Address:Ledger:$PartyLedgerName)
    NumAddrLinesCompany : ($$NumFilledItems:Address:Company:##SVCurrentCompany)
    NumSuplAddrLinesCons : ($$NumItems:BasicBuyerAddress)
    NumSuplAddrLinesBuySupp : ($$NumItems:Address)

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    Anybody help pls

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