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    Here i dont want a seperate column of shipped qty & billed qty please anybody help! here is my code!

    [#Report: Stock Jrnl Print]
    Delete:Form: StockJrnlPrint
    Add:Form: JWMTOComprehensive Invoice
    [#Report: SJNPrintConfigure]
    Delete:Form: SJNPrintConfigure
    Add:Form : MTOut Print Config


    [#Form: GTRN StkJrnl]
    Fields : Simple Prompt, NME
    Local : Field : Simple Prompt: Set as : $$LocaleString:"Party A/c name:"

    [Field: NME]

    Use : Vch LedgerFetch
    Use : Ledger Name Field
    Storage : Party Ledger Name
    Table : Party Cash Ledgers Extract
    Table : Invoice Ledgers Extract
    Set as : If (@@IsPOSInvoice AND $$IsSysName:$$Value) Then "" Else $$CollectionField:$LedgerName:1:LedgerEntries
    Show Table : Default
    Sub Form : EI Supplementary : ##ICFGSupplementary AND NOT @@IsExciseSupplementaryInv
    Sub Form : EI Excise Supplementary : @@IsExciseSupplementaryInv

    On : Focus : Yes : SET : EISTPartyLedger : $$Value ;;$PartyLedgerName

    ;; Warning given when the DUE DATE with respect to Pending Bills of the Party has been exceeded in Sales, Delivery Note and Sales Order vouchers.
    ;; First two conditions (($$IsSysName:##NotifyPartyName OR (##NotifyPartyName!=$$Value)) AND $$SetNotifyParty) are written to avoid notify msg box being shown for same party again when supplementary subform is accepted
    Notify : PartyCreditDateLimit : ($$IsSysName:##NotifyPartyName OR (##NotifyPartyName!=$$Value)) AND $$SetNotifyParty AND (($IsCreditDaysChkOn:Ledger:$$Value AND $IsBillwiseOn:Company:##SVCurrentCompany AND (If $$IsEqual:($Parent:Ledger:$$Value):$$GroupBranches +
    Then $$IsAllBillWiseOn Else Yes) AND (@@IsSales OR @@IsDelNote OR @@IsSalesOrder) +
    AND ((NOT $IsOptional) AND @@DueBillsOfParty > 0)))

    Validate : If (@@IsSales OR @@IsPurchase) AND ($PartyLedgerName!=##EISTPartyLedger) AND (NOT $IsSTXParty:Ledger:$PartyLedgerName) AND (NOT @@IsCashBankLedger) Then $$ExclEvaluate:($$ClearSTTaxObject) Else Yes

    Option : EI OrderConsignee: @@IsOrderVch

    ;; Security Control for Alter Ledger & Bank details for Exported/Uploaded Transactions
    Option : VchBankAlloc Security : @@IsEBankingExportUploadVchAccess

    ;; To set the nature of purchase when party is changed.
    On: Accept : @@PartyAlteredExcise : Call : SetExciseNatureofPurc:$PartyLedgerName
    ;; If party is changed then all the details in supplementary subform would be altered
    On : Accept : @@PartyAltered : Call : AlterPartySuplDetails:$PartyLedgerName:mad:NumAddrLinesParty:mad:NumAddrLinesCompany:mad:NumSuplAddrLinesCons:mad:NumSuplAddrLinesBuySupp
    On : Accept : $$InAlterMode : Call : RetainExistsAddressDetails
    On : Accept : @@VCHIsGSTOnAndAppl: Set : vUnregDealerSuppNote : ($IsCommonGSTPartyLed OR @@GSTBuyerDealerTypeSupllNote)
    On : Accept : Yes : Field Accept

    NumAddrLinesParty : ($$NumFilledItems:Address:Ledger:$PartyLedgerName)
    NumAddrLinesCompany : ($$NumFilledItems:Address:Company:##SVCurrentCompany)
    NumSuplAddrLinesCons : ($$NumItems:BasicBuyerAddress)
    NumSuplAddrLinesBuySupp : ($$NumItems:Address)

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    Anybody help pls

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    I have observed, you are posting your queries at ALL PLACES and in any whichever topic........
    Make your own post with a CLEAR heading, so people can understand....."Help Sir, Help me" is not a proper title.
    If uncomfortabe with English, do it in Hindi, we are Indians here...but explain properly...
    take screenshot or use SNIP .... else people will just overlook your queries.
    We appreciate you are sincerely trying to learn and experts here will help you

    If you do not understand the above and want me to explain in HINDI, do let me know.

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