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Half page portrait Retail Invoice

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  1. Manindra2017

    Manindra2017 New Member

    Dear sir,
    I a new user . I want half page Retail invoice code (in portrait view). I tried using Print option F12, it shows as exactly as in picture when I altered the measurement but In tax invoice I want a4 size Please help me in getting the right code.

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  2. Manindra2017

    Manindra2017 New Member

    Please help to get the code for the Retail invoice code (in portrait view).

  3. Bimal Mehta

    Bimal Mehta New Member

    Can any one help me to get sales invoice ( original and duplicate ) in one single page.

    Means i am trying to get half page invoice . Please help to save papers as we have larger number of bills

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