GSTIN Search Tool - Integrated with Tally

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  1. teja varma

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    ;;;;;;;;;;;;; Cheers ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    -> Search GSTIN of Taxpayer
    -> Can Search GSTIN of Parties in Tally
    -> Doesn't validate GSTIN Only Find and Fetch the Details
    -> A bit time-consuming task as the underlying process is web scrapping(Scraps details of GSTIN from web sites)
    -> Option to Reload Data from Tally (In order to switch between companies)
    -> Required .Net Framework 4.5 in order to run this application
    -> While using Tally Data make sure tally is opened with the active company and also running on port 9000(F11->Advanced Configuration)

    **Get Started**

    -> Download GSTIN Finder.rar from below link Finder.rar

    -> Extract all files from GSTIN Finder.rar

    -> Run GSTIN Finder.exe and Start searching GSTIN's

    For More Details Watch this Video

    Project Link:
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  2. Rohit Khedar

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    Very Nice thanks but Mr. Teja Verma This tool would have been even better if you had made it based on the display report with Tdl Level.

  3. teja varma

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    Yes but finding GSTIN details is time-consuming task (based on internet speed and processing power of CPU) if I implemented in tally it will block the UI and becomes unresponsive until the process is completed also there are some refresh issues I faced while implementing in tally so that's why I decided to make it as standalone application

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    Good Job. Keep it up :)

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    Nice Tool

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  9. teja varma

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    it designed as a separate application
    if you want to integrate with the tally
    you can mimic the same functionality in a dll then call the dll from tally (COM Interface)
    but dll is not recommended as Tally UI will become unresponsive sometimes terminated until the process(web Scrapping) is finished

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    Sir you have any separate applications for Whatsapp.

  11. Jenny

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    It's good....can u implement search gstin as per pan no...
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