GST RECONCILIATION BY DRIVE (GSTR2A & GSTR1 Wtih Auto Import of Missing vouchers from JSON to Tally)

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    sir please send me trail tdl & prise my email id is

  2. Ok sir will email you.

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    Ok received I will check it today

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  10. vnrajugst

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  11. Sir will send you shortly

  12. Sir, Please send me tdl to

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  14. Sir please check email

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  16. Please check email

  17. madhu.vukyam

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    this Tdl Picking from the GSTIN from the ledger Details not from the supplementary details while making the Purchase entry. we have an option given by tally default if we have multiple GSTIN for single party we can handle this way and maintain only one ledger for all purpose eg. payment receipt etc. but your utility not considering that point

  18. Will update soon use this add-on with supplementary


    G PRAKASH New Member

  20. ASHOK

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    Sir purchase invoice me goods taxable amount ok but services taxable amount not matching your tdl file gstr2a ma

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