GST Excel Import- with GST, All in One, unlimited Stock Sales/Pur Debit/Credit /Journal/Receipts..

Discussion in 'Tally Integration' started by garima, Dec 17, 2017.


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  1. garima

    garima Active Member

    Posted TDL and attached files are part of TDL package, to automate entries in tally,

    An attempt has been made to import all type of entries in Tally from Excel (2003 version).
    It can import entries with

    1. Multiple stock entries (unlimited)
    2. Tax Ledgers /expense ledgers along with stock items
    3. Discount, freight entries in sales, purchase invoice entry
    4. Can enter Sales in Accounting invoice mode
    5. Excel file provided only first sheet is relevant
    6. Round off. Ledger is to selected from option
    7. Assumes separate GST tax ledgers for purchase and sales entries
    8. Single line Entry (option in excel) for simple receipt/payments/journal entries
    9. TDL Does not provide support for creating Ledgers and Items on the go,
    10. Debit/Credit note entries
    11. Shows status for each entry in the last with relevant message and error

    Thanks, feel free to contact for any clarifications

    ... And always take back up before trying/testing ;);):D:D:p:p

    Debit/Credit note entries in Invoice mode - Feature incorporated.. new updated files

    please enable Debit/Credit note in F11-Accounting/Inventory features


    removed bug : "Entries were not crossing 99 mark.. now fixed..


    removed TDL file from the post.. genuine programmers/learners can leave a message, will maill them the code, in plain text format.. with sample data


    Two Sample Tally Companies
    One Compiled TCP
    Excel Data Format File with Instruction.


    Attached Files:

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    which tally version this tdl RUN

  3. garima

    garima Active Member

    Erp 9, 6.02

  4. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

  5. psr

    psr New Member

    Getting Error " No Transactions to process"

  6. Vaidy

    Vaidy New Member

    can you please share the excel format? also a few lines of how to use this will help people who have just started using tally

  7. uttam100

    uttam100 Member

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  8. NIYAS P

    NIYAS P New Member

    plz send the tdl code to this mail id

  9. Srinath Rao

    Srinath Rao New Member

  10. Rajsrisrimal

    Rajsrisrimal Member

  11. psjain_jal

    psjain_jal Member

    sir pl send the all in one file to my email id

  12. psjain_jal

    psjain_jal Member

    TDL and Excel please

  13. Anand Mohan

    Anand Mohan New Member

    Please send the code on
    Please Send the Code on my mail id.


    SURESHKUMAR K New Member

  15. praveen_pan

    praveen_pan New Member

  16. jaysmrt

    jaysmrt New Member

  17. Agrim computronics

    Agrim computronics New Member

    pls share code and excel sheet this is very usefull

  18. Agrim computronics

    Agrim computronics New Member

  19. uttam100

    uttam100 Member

    Still waiting for the code. Can someone send me @ "" with excel template.

  20. Vikash Kumar

    Vikash Kumar New Member

  21. Vaidy

    Vaidy New Member

  22. akash7474

    akash7474 New Member

  23. akash7474

    akash7474 New Member

  24. akash7474

    akash7474 New Member

    please share the code with excel format to

  25. akash7474

    akash7474 New Member

    please share the code with excel format to

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