Group wise and ledger wise security control

Discussion in 'Requests' started by senthilvel, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. senthilvel

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    dear admin

    kindly guide me how to control users tally group wise and ledger wise disallowed the user
    following formats

    dis allowed Group allowed dis allowed group allowed ledger

  2. add a filter to ledger collection which will restrict users.
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  3. Maulik Patel

    Maulik Patel Active Member

    For that you will need to create a aggregate udf in group/ledger master so that user can select those users who can edit group/ledger. After that put a filter in ledger/group collection as Aaradhya said so that you can only those group/ledger which are allowed to login user.

  4. ahmed rishali

    ahmed rishali Member

    i write one tdl for user wise group security , in security control shows the list of groups to activate for particular user
    but its not affecting when i making entry it showing everything

    can you please guide , what are the possible problem
    and what are the collection i must used to filter

    when i change some collection to filter there is some error " out of storage " somthing

    pleas help

  5. suresh511

    suresh511 New Member


  6. I have this tdl both for ledger & group

  7. Rohit001

    Rohit001 Member

    sir please give me a tdl of group & ledger wise security

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