Function - IsAnyEmpty

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    Function - IsAnyEmpty
    When you want to check if there is an expression that evaluates to empty among a set of expressions, you can use the function IsAnyEmpty. This function evaluates the expression parameters in the sequence specified in the code. It will return True, the moment an expression evaluates to empty and ignores the subsequent expressions.




    Expressions can be variables, formulae, functions, etc.


    [Collection: TNOldAnnexIASummaryWithoutError]

    Compute Var : HasError : Logical :$$IsAnyEmpty:##svRefNo:##svRefDate:##svLorryDate

    Ensure that the sequence of parameters is such that higher the probability of an expression being Empty, earlier in the order they should be placed.

    Previously, to evaluate more than one expression for empty, you had to use $$IsEmpty along with OR operator. Now, you can just use the new function to evaluate multiple expression in a single line.
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