Export Deleted Vouchers, Ledgers, StockItems from Tally ERP 9

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have exported Tally Vouchers, Ledgers, StockItems and other Tally Objects using HTTP XML Request from Tally ERP 9.

    But if any Tally Object is deleted in Tally then, how would we get list of those deleted objects from Tally.

    I want to export list of such deleted Vouchers, Ledgers, StockItems to mark those items as deleted in our system.

    Thanks In Advance!!
    Bhushan Akole

  2. garima

    garima Active Member

    Not Possible I think

  3. @garima Thanks for reply

    If there is no direct way to export List of deleted Vouchers,
    then is there any work around to handle this case.

    Thank You,
    Bhushan Akole.

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Is there any indirect way to get list of deleted vouchers from Tally ERP 9.
    We need to know it,
    because we export all Vouchers in our application, but any voucher deleted in Tally then we have to mark it as deleted.
    But right now we don't know how to check which voucher is deleted.

    Thank You,
    Bhushan Akole.

  5. teja varma

    teja varma Member

    with tcp you achieve that whenever a voucher or ledger or stock item is deleted trigger an action that store the deleted masterid in file
    so your application read that master ids and update in your application
    you need to store master id of the all vouchers and masters when exporting to your application

    happy coding :)

  6. Could you please explain it, how to use tcp, i have not done anything in tcp or in tdl yet.

    Please guide to achieve it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank You,
    Bhushan Akole

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