Dynamic trial duration TCP

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  1. MarutiKalekar

    MarutiKalekar New Member

    This is a Garment module TCP in this, the main feature is dynamic in nature of trial duration (means for every company this TCP expires after 5 days)
    I tried new thing hope you guys like this

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  2. ONKAR

    ONKAR Active Member

    How to enable this TCP, Where is an option and how to work, please clarify details.

  3. MarutiKalekar

    MarutiKalekar New Member

    1) Enable stock item description at stock item master and add sizes
    2) at entry level enable the additional description of stock item, you can add quantity and take the print out of same

    But the main functionality of this TCP is it expires after loading of 5 days for each company, try it
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    PRAPTI Member

    Not working..

  5. MarutiKalekar

    MarutiKalekar New Member

    You simply have to enable stockitem description and at entry level, you need to enable the additional description of stock item

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