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Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by dfas, May 16, 2020.

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    hello friends.
    we do many expenses related to our business for which we have to make ledger accounts.
    but many expenses are of same type like for example Office Exp.
    we have many expenses in office like
    1. stationary (under stationary there are many more like paper,file,pen etc)
    2. petty exp (under this there are many like refreshments like tea coffee, tips to any labour etc)
    3. legal exp ( under this there are many like trade licence renewal, stamp paper purchase, other licence renewals)
    4. many other expenses life office repair or any such exp which is related to office but occur very less.

    In the old accounting system we used to write details on paper, so it was possible to write more details.

    In Tally we have option of narrations.

    but if we want to know about any particular expense it will be tough .

    we can create some bill wise details under office exp like stationary, petty exp, legal exp etc.

    can we write more details under reference

  2. Bipin Damania

    Bipin Damania Active Member

    You may do so by Cost Center
    Under Group Office Exp
    You create Ledgers
    And so on...

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