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  1. Rahul Nahar

    Rahul Nahar New Member

    Hi, how can I get date as DD-MM-YYYY is whole of tally and even when exporting and printing

    Pls help

    I have tried

    [#Field: Plain VCH Date]
    Format : Short Date, Seperator : "-"

    Which makes only the entry page date to change but while I am printing any invoice it is not changing

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  2. Hi

    Try to achieve by using the default function $$DDMMYYYYDateFormat:$Date:"-"

  3. Rahul Nahar

    Rahul Nahar New Member

    Error T0027: Attribute definition started without a valid description!

    I am new to tld I am not sure if I am missing out on any basics

  4. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Hi @Rahul Nahar

    Try this one working as you want.. in Invoice Print..

    [#Line: EXPINV Date]
    Field : Name Field
    Local : Field : Name Field : Set as : $$String:$Date:ShortDate


  5. Rahul Nahar

    Rahul Nahar New Member

    Hi @Neeru
    Thank You for your reply
    this works only for sales invoice
    I am looking for Payment and Receipt Vouchers as well
    can u help?


  6. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Hi @Rahul Nahar

    Use this one only..

    [#Field: PPR VchDate]
    Use : Short Date Field
    Set as : $Date
    Width : if NOT $$InPixelMode then 15 else 7

  7. Rahul Nahar

    Rahul Nahar New Member

    This one works perfectly. Lastly if u can get me the same for cheque printing also it would be great. I am using an older version so...

  8. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Share try code for cheque date printing..

  9. Good Morning, Assuming Useful to All.
    Set as : $$ZeroFillVbD:2 + "/" + $$ZeroFill:mad:VbM:2 + "/" + @VbY
    VbD : $$DayofDate:$Date
    VbM : $$MonthofDate:$Date
    VbY : $$StringPart:($$YearofDate:$Date):2:2
    OutPut : 28/02/20
    Requested to : @admin, @amitkamdar For working "TdlExpert Lib" section under Free Source
    Can Why :+@ appears as icons

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