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  1. Help Me to add Filters For party name in this report and drill down to voucher option as well !!

    OM Ganeshaya Namaha....
    Cash Sales TDl
    Dated : 10.04.2019
    Created by : vinay
    [#Menu: Gateway of TAlly]
        Add : Item : CASH Sales Report : Display : CASHMEMO
    [Report: CASH MEMO]
        Add: Form: CASH MEMO
        Use: DSP Template
        Variables    :   SV CurrentCompany, SV FromDate, SV ToDate
        Set         : SV Sort Method        : @@Default
        Set         : SV From Date          :  ##SVCurrentDate
        Set         : SV To Date            :  ##SVCurrentDate
    [Form: CASH MEMO]
        Part: CASH memo title, CASH Memo
        Height: 100 % screen
        Width: 100 % Screen
        Button: Change period, Explode flag, DYBK ChgVchType
        Button: MYFILTER
    [Button: My Filter]
        Key: ALT+F7
        Title: "Filter"
        Action: Alter: MYPARTY
    [Report: MYparty]
        Form: MYparty
    [Form: My party]
        Part: My party
    [Part: My party]
        Line: MypartyTitle, Myparty
    [Line: My partyTitle]
        Field: Name Field
        Local: Field: Name Field :Info:$$LocaleString:"Customer Name"
        ;Set as: $address
    [line: Myparty]
        Field: MypartyField
    [Field: MypartyField]
    Use: Name Field
    Table: partyFilter   
    Show Table: Always
    ;Set as: $Basicbuyeraddress
    [Part: Cash Memo title]
        Line: CASH memo title
    [Line: CASH Memo Title]
        Field: Name Field
        Local: Field: Name Field : Info: "CASH MEMO REPOST FOR PERIOD :"
        Local: Field: Name Field : Full Width: Yes
        Local: Field: Name Field : Color: Red
    [Part: Cash Memo] ;Main part contains data
        Add: Line: Cash Column Titles, CASH MEMO
        Repeat: CASHMEMO : sales Coll
        Vertical: Yes
        Scroll: Vertical
        Common Border: Yes
    [Line:Cash Column Titles] ;Titles lines
        Use: CASH MEMO
        Local: Field: MyVCHtype     : Info: "Voucher Type"
        Local: Field: Mydate     : Info: "Date"
        Local: Field: MYVCHNo.     : Info: "VCH No."
        Local: Field: MYPARTY       : Info: "Party Name"
        ;Local: Field: MyItem        : Info: "Item Name"
        Local: Field: Myvchqty      : Info: "Quantity"
        Local: Field: Myvchrate     : Info: "Rate"
        Local: Field: MyVCHValue : Info: "Amount"
        Local: Field: Default      : Color: blue
        Local: Field: Default      : Style: Book Antiqua Italic
        Border: Column Titles
        ;Space Top: 0.75
        ;Space Bottom: 0.75
    [Line: CASH MEMO] ;Main line
        Field: Mydate,MYVCHNo.,MyVCHtype, MYPARTY, ;MyItem
        Right Field:Myvchqty, Myvchrate, MyVCHValue
        ;Space Top: 0.50
        Height: 1.5
        Option        : DisplayOnEnter
        Explode: MyExplode part : ($$KeyExplode or ##Explodeflag)
        Local: Field: Default : Border: Thin LEft
    [Part: MyExplode part] ;Exploded part
        Line: Myexplodeline
        Repeat: Myexplodeline : Inventory Entries
    [Line: My Explodeline]
        ;Field: Name Field
        ;Local: Field: Name Field : Set as: "I need Inventory Details Here"
        Field:Mydate,MYVCHNo., MYPARTY, ;MyItem
        Right Field:Myvchqty, Myvchrate, MyVCHtype, MyVCHValue
        Local: Field: MyVCHtype     :Set as: ""
        Local: Field: Mydate     :Set as : ""
        Local: Field: Mydate     : Space Left: 10
        Local: Field: MYVCHNo.    :Set as : ""
        Local: Field: MYPARTY    :Set as : $Stockitem ;""
        Local: Field: MYPARTY    : Space Left: 18
        ;Local: Field: MyItem    :Set as : ""
        Local: Field: Myvchqty  :Set as : $billedqty
        Local: Field:  Myvchrate : Space Left: 5
        Local: Field: Myvchqty  : Space Left: 90
        ;Local: Field:
        Local: Field: Default     : Color: Red
        Local: Field: default  : Delete:  Border
    /*Global Field  */   
    [Field: MyVCHtype]
        Use: Name Field
        Set as: $VoucherTypeName
        Width: 10
    [Field: Mydate]
        Use: Short Date Field
        Set as: $Date
        ;Width: 5   
    [Field: MYVCHNo.]
        Use: Name field
        Set as: $Vouchernumber
        Width: 5
        Align: Center
    [Field: MYPARTY]
        Use: Name Field
        Set as: $Basicbuyeraddress;$Ledgername
    [Field: Myvchqty]
        Use: Qty Primary Field
        Set as: "" ;$billedqty ;"Qty";$Stockitemname
    [Field: Myvchrate]
        Use: Rate Field
        Set as: $rate ;"Qty";$Stockitemname
        Width: 10
    [Field: MyVCHValue]
        Use:Amount Field
        Set as: $Amount
    [Collection: sales Coll]
        Type: VOuchers : Vouchertypes ;##vouchertypesales
        Child Of: $$VchTypeSales
        Belongs To: Yes
        Fetch: StockItemName, Basicbuyeraddress
    [system: Formulae]
        MYfilter : $Basicbuyeraddress
    [Collection: partyFilter]
        Type: Ledger;;;VOuchers : Vouchertypes ;##vouchertypesales
        ;Child Of: ""
        ;Fetch: Basicbuyeraddress
            Filter: Myfilter
    [Collection: My Sales Coll]
        Source Collection: sales Coll
        Walk    : Ledger Entries, ;Inventory Entries
        By        : Name : $partyLedgername
        By        : Item : $Stockitemname
        By        : myDate : $DATE
        By        : MYVCHNo : $Vouchernumber
        Compute : qty      : $billedqty
        Compute : srate : $rate
        Compute : Amt   : $Amount

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    help me for Filtering the report as per the basicbuyer address

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