Can we Add Item Amount in this Table

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  1. Dear experts,
    Can we add format for Amount in this table?
    And filter unclear Tracking numbers only?

    Thank you

    [Collection: VCH CostProfitAlln]
        Title       : $$LocaleString:"List of Cost Tracking Numbers"
        Sub Title    : $$LocaleString:"Name", $$LocaleString:"Doc Type", $$LocaleString:"Stock Name", $$LocaleString:"Party Name", $$LocaleString:"Qty"
        Parm Var    : pvStockItemName    : String    : $$Owner:$StockItemName
        Collection    : ItemDynamicCstOfAllItem
        Fetch       : Name, Parent, OriginalQty, PartyName
        Format         : $Name, 8
        Format        : $DocumentType, 10 
        Format      : $Parent, 10     
        Format         : $PartyName, 15     
        Format      : $OriginalQty, 5
        Align       : Right
    [Collection: ItemDynamicCstOfAllItem]
        Type        : ItemDynamicCst
        Compute        : PartyName        : If $IsPartyMultiple Then $$LocaleString:"Multi Party" Else $$CollectionField:$PartyName:1:AggregateTransactions
        Fetch       : Name, Parent, OriginalQty     
        Option        : ItemDynamicCstOfAllItemForInv    :  @@IsJobOrderOut OR @@IsJobOrderIn OR @@IsDelNote OR @@IsRcptNote OR @@RejInvoice
        [!Collection: ItemDynamicCstOfAllItemForInv]
            Child Of    : ##pvStockItemName
            Parm Var    : pvStockItemName    : String    : $$Owner:$StockItemName
    [INCLUDE: stkvch.fld]
    [Key: ICT Create New Number]
        Use     : Create New Number
        Inactive: @@IsDefBatchSubFormOn AND $$IsEmpty:$BilledQty

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  2. garima

    garima Active Member

    Where is Item amount in table ? you mean quantity ?
    yes format can be added to table

    just we add it in field definition
    like :
    Format : $OriginalQty, 5 : "NoZero"
    Format : $OriginalQty, 5 : "Symbol, Short Form, No Compact"

    And second question itself is unclear !!:(:(

    Look for these two collections in default TDL

    [Collection: Close Cost Track NonCleared] and
    [Collection: Close Cost Track Cleared]

    methods :
    Cleared : No,
    and $DynamicCstIsCleared could be useful to you
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